Of all the products available, our reviewers’ highest praise goes to Spectorsoft.

Spector Pro

Our reviewers like Spector Professional Edition very much. It automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour and includes true email capture (even web-based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc…), true chat and instant messenger capture (ICQ, Aol Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger), and now includes an excellent Key Logger to keep track of every character typed. Spector Pro also provides IMMEDIATE NOTIFICATION when your child encounters dangerous or inappropriate web sites, emails or chats.

eBlaster 3.0.

eBlaster is the best Internet monitoring software we have seen. Record and monitor – ANYWHERE in the world – as frequently as every 30 minutes. We have found this product to be highly effective in keeping your children and employees accountable for their time online.

Spector for MAC.

This version of Spector is our reviewers’ favorite monitoring program available for the Macintosh computer. It will record EVERYTHING done on the Internet. Spector automatically takes hundreds of snapshots every hour, very much like a surveillance camera.