Legality of Monitoring/Surveillance Software

Surveillance programs have the equivalent capabilities as spyware. All the same, there are a trio of distinctive components that differentiate the two types of programs. These differences are informed consent, computer ownership and parental stewardship. In other words, the user has given permission to install the program and is aware the program has been installed.

In order to install a surveillance program, one must be the owner of the machine or get the permission from each the users of the monitored computer. When carrying out the permission, a well-prepared signed written document that distinctly outlines and identifies the machine surveillance method isn’t a bad idea.

Parents are able to legally install a surveillance application upon their minor child’s machine. However, covert computer surveillance of a child above the age of 18 is indeed illegal. Should a parent elect to install the software on an adult child’s computer, they must provide proof of ownership of the machine in question, or recieve consent from the owner of the machine.

Keyloggers as Spyware

Spyware is a type of malicious program, also known as malware. Typically, the enduser isn’t even cognizant when an invasion from spyware has infected and compromised their machine. Once it is in place, the spyware collects personalized data such as internet banking info, user logins and passwords. Spyware also has the capability to record data on computer usage, user loaded applications, internet browsing patterns, e-mail communications, log all keyboard strokes and a lot more.

Keylogger programs can be the most typical and malicious variety of spyware around. When data is gathered, a record of the computer enduser’s actions is transmitted over the internet to the cyber-thief. It is generally the victim’s own internet connection that is used to perform the transmission. Malware is potentially the greatest security threat to users of Microsoft Windows OS’s. It is also rapidly increasing as a threat to users of all OS’s.

Elite Keylogger Pro Summary

Remote reporting processes include file transfer protocol and e-mail. In addition, the computer admin can sctively view logs by accessing the monitored device. This program’s user interface is well designed and simple to use. The logs are separated into eight categories. These categories include Passwords, e-mail, screenshots, Keystroke Reports, applications history, printed documents, clipboard and Internet Activity. Simply selecting any category displays elaborate info about the subject.

A number of monitoring programs are equipped with a video-type replay of all screen captures and images. As Elite Keylogger Pro is missing this capability, the navigation of screen captures and images is clumsy and irksome.


Elite Keylogger Pro logs keystrokes effectively. Nevertheless, for the cost, much more robust surveillance software programs are obtainable.

Elite Keylogger Pro Continued

The monitoring application logs accessed programs, passwords, User IDs and much more. A characteristic that is missiing is the ability to log file access, including the creation of new files or the alteration or removal of existing files. IT Admin have the ability to customize the frequency of screen captures, remote reporting and monitoring.

Both employers and parents alike might be let down by this app’s apparant lack of website filtering or content blocking capacities. Several similarly priced monitoring programs provide these characteristics in one form or another. Likewise unsatisfactory is the absence of a keyword trigger. For a few, the omission of these two crucial components might render the application inefficient for the surveillance of employees and kids.

Elite Keylogger Pro

This application logs visited sites. Administrators are able to gain knowledge of which URLs his or her users reach and can also get information regarding the interval and frequency of the visit. This feature may help mark users that could be fighting a substantial addiction to internet pornography or even gambling.

Furthermore, Elite KeyLogger Pro tracks content from social websites. Gathered facts may well comprise of profile edits, pictures, games played and other social network activities. This software keeps a record of all messaging and chat conversations, both inbound and outbound. Monitored instant messengers include AOL, CQ, AIM, Gtalk, Skype, MSN and other common messengers.

The app also records the keystrokes of outbound email correspondences. Elite Keylogger Pro’s screenshot attribute takes images of the contents of inbound emails.