Safety Tips for Online Shopping

Online shopping has been one of the main activities that most visitors do in the Internet. There are so many things that shoppers would like to buy online however, this activity is also at risk for scams from con-artists who prowl the cyber space. Here are some safety tips for online shopping and avoid these scams.

Read the products review very well

This is one of the best ways to be safe in doing online shopping. The products review will help give some information about the product that you are planning to buy. This will also give you an insight about the the state and condition of the product. In this way, you will be assured of the quality of the product that you are going to buy.

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All About the Online Dangers that Lurk Online

You may think you are safe in the Internet because you are at home. Unfortunately, you are not once you are inside the realm of cyber space. Once you logged in, you are now inside the territory in which many dangers lie. Today, you will know some of these dangers and stay clear from them.


Grooming can be a very good thing especially when you are talking about your pet or how you would take care of yourself. This type of grooming however, is quite different since it involves adults having interest to sex. This involves any other adult either man or woman who prowls the Internet just to have their need for sex satisfied. This is often done by pedophiles and kids are often the victims. Due to this reason, it is very important to let your kids be aware of this danger and let them realize the importance of their safety when they go online. Tell them to never trust strangers online even if they are friendly.


This is the type of danger in which parents should be concerned especially with their children. It is essential to know that cyberbullying affects children and teenagers alike and it is important for parents to have an open communication with their children especially if they notice something strange with their behavior. Try to monitor their activities online and if such incidents happen, report immediately to the proper authorities and talk to your children. A simple communication of parents with their children can help uplift their feelings if they are already bullied. You can also tell them ways to prevent being bullied by just ignoring the bully or not responding to them.

Viruses and scams

Unfortunately, the Internet is a house of viruses and scams that only wait for would-be victims to succumb. It is very important to have anti-virus software updated always and be on a look-out for scams in disguise like spimming (spam in IM), pharming (directing visitors to spoof web sites to acquire personal details) and phishing (e-mails). Never trust such unknown articles and ignore them as possible.

These are the possible dangers online in which most Internet visitors are at risk of. It is very important to be aware of these hazards in order to avoid them.

All About Ways in Making Your Middle Schoolers Safe in the Internet

Bear in mind that the Internet is already a place for middle schoolers to socialize with their friends. Due to this reason, they are also potential victims for those people who want to do illegal activities online. Here are some of the best ways in making them safer in the Internet.

Locate age-appropriate sites

Spend some time for your middle schoolers and talk about age-appropriate site that they can visit in order to promote learning, creativity and interest. Social networking sites are not appropriate for middle-schoolers and let them understand that their safety is your primary concern.

Choose who they chat online

Let your middle schoolers become aware that not all people online are truthful to what they are saying. There are people who can pose as their buddies with other goals in mind. Teach them not to disclose personal information to people that they just met online.

Make middle schoolers think critically when surfing the net

It is very important to instill to your middle schoolers the importance of being critical when online. In this way, they will be able to become safer in their activities and minimize their likability to fall victims to illegal activities that are rampant online.

Set some rules

It is also important to set limitations to your middle schoolers when it comes to time spent online. Make them realize the importance of their safety. Set up a limited time frame for playing games online or restrict them from doing instant messaging while doing any assignments or homework online.

Agree on downloads

There are instances that middle schoolers want to download something online. Have a talk with your middle schoolers and create an agreement regarding the types of files to be downloaded. In this way, they will be able to prevent any software that could be housing malicious software that could do harm with your personal computer.

These are some ways in making your middle schoolers safe while exploring the world of the Internet.

Safety Tips When Receiving Advance Fee Fraud (AFF) Online

The Internet houses a lot of fraudulent activities coming from con-artists who make the web their online hideout For this reason, everyone who visits the web has equal chances of coming across these fraudulent activities, including advance fee frauds. Here are some safety tips when receiving these kind of fraud online.


Advance Fee Frauds are type of fraudulent activities that use different methods that include letters, e-mails and faxes which are disguised in a way that appears like a business proposal from a certain business. These types of fraud usually instills trust to their victims so that they will bend to what they want.

Be aware of the fraud

Always remember to avoid any fraudulent activity that may come your way. It is important to know some elements that may be present in these type of fraud which include a type of communication that is unsolicited, it has a confidential and urgent effect, there is always a requirement to pay something in order to attain what is promised. Bear in mind that awareness is your key to avoid them.

Verify all transactions

For every transaction that you receive in your e-mail account, it is important to verify them in order to avoid any scams that might be hiding. You can try to ask help from other web sites with authority and demand the sources of such transactions to provide legal documents such as the World Traders Data Report. In this way, you can be assured of the truthfulness of these transactions.

Do not respond

Remember not to respond to these kinds of fraud online. It is better to ignore them or delete them in your e-mail account because responding to them may put you at risk for harassments that they can come up with in the future.

These are some safety tips that you can do if you receive any advance fee fraud online.

Tips on Protecting Oneself from E-mail and Web Scams

The Internet is a perfect place to find yourself potential victims for scammers from all parts of the world. These scammers prowl the different sections of the worldwide web just to locate gullible potential victims that they can scam. This activity does not exclude e-mails which are one of the most appropriate methods scamming. Here are some tips that can help protect yourself from these types of scams.

Learn how to recognize scams

Recognition is your key in detecting if an activity or item is a scam or not. This will help you avoid a potential problem that may have dire consequences. Most e-mail scams contain reports of closures of certain accounts, promises of money for no effort at all, deals that may seem too good to be true, donation for a certain disaster, and containing bad grammar and spelling. These are some physical traits of e-mails that may be coming from scammers online. It is better that you immediately erase these e-mails and do not entertain them at all costs.

Be investigative

E-mails that may be from scammers often use names of famous companies like Microsoft and the likes in order to instill confidence on their victims. Always check on the claims of these e-mails by checking on the web site of the companies being cited. This may include any online contests of the said company as claimed by the e-mail. Take note on the company’s policies and see if the e-mail fits with the policies. This is plainly true especially if the -e-mail claims to be coming from Microsoft. Remember that Microsoft never sends unsolicited e-mails to anyone. If there is doubt, trust your instincts and immediately delete the e-mail.


Report the scam

There are several tools that can be used with your Internet browser to report scams in your e-mail. Immediately report the incident using your browser or contacting those with authority.


These are tips in protecting oneself from e-mail and web scams that one can find in the Internet.