Do You Need Anti Porn Parental Control Software?


Do You Need Anti Porn Parental Control Software?


Internet pornography is more prevalent now than ever. In fact, there are over 1 million websites out there that are offer pornographic content. Imagine when your child is browsing the internet and they accidentally (or not) stumble onto any one of these. The idea is something that most parents dread and the concern is no doubt reasonable. To give you peace of mind and protection for your child against these types of content, make sure to install parental control software on your PC that comes with an anti porn feature.

The data gathered by researchers indicating that nine out of ten children aged 8 to 16 are most likely viewing pornography on the internet is another cause for alarm. Using a porn blocker is therefore a responsibility that parents should take on. This type of web blocking software is designed to filter out any website that contains pornographic content. Hence, your kids cannot access them even if they wanted to.

Since the introduction of anti porn and parental control software programs, they had been a big hit. In fact, there are plenty of these internet filtering programs that you can download and install on your PC; hence, you literally have no excuse not to use one.

An anti porn software can protect your kids in a number of ways. The features of one internet monitoring tool to another may differ but most offer the following capabilities:

Word filtering – This will automatically block any website that has words considered explicit, vulgar, or an indicator that the website contains pornography. Although most porn blockers come with a pre- made list, you can also change the settings for this.

URL filtering – This will specifically prevent your kids from visiting any porn website that you have specified from a list that you have made or the existing selection of pornography websites.

Pornography is just one of several dangerous and unfavorable content that linger on the web. If you want to ensure maximum protection for your kids, make sure to download your own parental control software so you can have some peace of mind.

Knowing the Net Nanny’s Benefits


Knowing the Net Nanny’s Benefits


There are a lot of Internet filtering and monitoring software out there in the market. These programs help prevent any untoward problems from the Internet that could affect any member of the family especially the children. Net Nanny helps in creating a digital surveillance program that observes any Internet activity done by any member of the family and allows the administrator to view these activities. Here are some good points and benefits from using the Net Nanny.


Remote Management

This feature allows the administrator to keep track or monitor Internet activities. This is perfect for parents who would like to see the things that their children are doing online. The accessibility of the program is not a problem since the administrator can easily look at the activity log wherever he or she may be as long as an internet connection is present. Convenience in maintaining Internet safety within the family is easily attained using this program.


Easy and simple

Net Nanny is designed specifically for people who are not that well-versed in technology and the Internet. It has features that is pretty much convenient to those who have a hard time installing/ The program automatically works after it is successfully installed. The settings are labeled simply and most features and options are not complex, thus providing a nice experience for the users of the program.


These are some of the benefits of using the Net Nanny. Online activity of the family will now be easily monitored to keep the family safe and away from harm.

NetNanny – Comprehensive Parental Control Software for Your Needs

NetNanny – Comprehensive Parental Control Software for Your Needs

Are you looking for parental control software to replace your stead when you are away from home? Want to keep your teenage kids from viewing content inappropriate for their age or can be considered bad influence while surfing the web? Worry no more as NetNanny is an internet monitoring software that is aimed at giving you peace of mind.

The comprehensive array of features available to NetNanny’s internet filtering software contributes to its reliability. If you want to protect your family, especially your kids, you can purchase a package suitable for your needs. The price range varies according to the type of computer you are using. For instance, the NetNanny web monitoring package for Windows and Mac are priced at $39.99 per year, while NetNanny for Android costs $19.99 per year. There is also a free trial available for those who wanted to test the features first before they invest on this parental control software.

Speaking of features, NetNanny comes with an internet filtering capacity that provide up to 35 different categories for filtering websites and their content. Meanwhile, this is also a porn blocker that is designed to keep your kids from watching pornographic content without your knowledge. If you want to keep your child away from profane or vulgar language that are often found on the web, you can also set up an alert for this type of content to ensure that they will not acquire it.

NetNanny also features a social media and chat monitoring tool. This parental control software is therefore the next best thing to watching over your kids as they socialize and interact with friends and strangers alike on the internet. To minimize their exposure from these online hazards, you can utilize the time management feature with this web monitoring tool to determine how many hours a day are spent on the computer.

There is nothing that could replace every parent’s guidance of their child to ensure that they are free from any dangers on the web. But since it is humanly impossible to watch over them on a 24/7 basis, installing parental control software is the next best thing to keeping them safe.


Monitor Your Child’s Chat Activity Using Parental Control Software

Monitor Your Child’s Chat Activity Using Parental Control Software

Chatting is one of those activities that keep your kids online for several hours – sometimes, more than recommended. Aside from its hazards to their health, the concern for their safety and exposure to online predators is the main cause for concern here. This is why installing parental control software for monitoring their chat activity is necessary.

Chat software or sites are quite rampant nowadays. In fact, even popular networking sites like Facebook already have this feature. Thus, you need to be a step ahead and make use of web monitoring program. Governmental and non-profit organizations have already taken to great strides to provide protection to kids while chatting with friends and strangers via the internet. However, there is a lot more that needs to be done to keep them off the chat rooms or ensure that their chat transcripts are monitored.

The increasing cases of pedophiles and stalkers further add to the fear that parents have over their child’s chatting activity online. This is true with high school and college students who spend majority of their time using the PC. It is also during this age group wherein they are interested in getting to know more people, which can lead to them putting off their guards with their online interactions. For parents, the worst fear comes when their kid starts to share their personal information or when they get to the point of meeting with the person they met online.

How protected are your kids against these online chat predators? Maybe it is time to consider installing parental control software on their PC. That way, you can perform web monitoring of their chat activity to ensure that you are alerted of any impending danger. There are a lot of spy software programs on the web that can also provide features related to internet filtering, website blocking, and anti porn, which provides maximum value to your investment. After all, there is no bigger price to pay than compromising your child’ safety.

Hotels Nearby Houmt Souk

Hotels Nearby Houmt Souk


Highly recommended Hotels, B&Bs/Inns on Houmt Souk, Djerba, Tunisia.


Radisson Blue Resort and Thalasso

This luxury hotel is located directly on the beach in Djerba. It offers fitness and spa facilities, including an outdoor sea-water pool, and relaxing treatments from hammam, thalassotherapy, and spa.  There are 5 restaurants are available on site in this resort hotel.

Iberostar Mehari Djerba

A graceful all-inclusive 3-Star resort hotel, Iberostar hotel is situated on Djerba Island, next to Sidi Akkour Beach and opposite Djerba Golf Club. It features well-designed rooms, 2 swimming pools, a spa, and tennis courts, enclosed from North African style-inspired architecture design.


Park Inn by Radisson Ulysse Resort & Thalasso

Another 5-star luxury resort is located on a private beach in Djerba. It features picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea, and delectable authentic Mediterranean cuisine. It offers a large outdoor swimming pool, 2 indoor sea-water pools and an oriental thalassotherapy centre. This hotel is perfect for people looking for great spots at the beach.


Hotel Djerba Orient

The Orient is located on Djerba Island, 300 meters from a private beach. It has a tropical garden, an outdoor pool and sunbathing area, and an indoor pool and a hot tub. They hold several activities and treats, making it ydeal for guests in large groups, such as families and friends who’re looking for adventure in the island.


Dar Dhiafa

A 3-Star resort hotel that provides great escape from the hassles and stress of daily city life, Dar Dhiafa offers a relaxing vacation in Djerba. This hotel is meticulously designed to provide each guest a warm welcome. Housing friendly and hospitable staff, this hotel is ideal for couples and families looking for a place to stay out from the crowded places to bond together.

Palm Beach Palace

Have a relaxing retreat and enjoy a stay in a hotel that enchants guests with a mix of classic and modern Arab-Andalusian architecture. This 4-Star resort hotel offers exquisite accommodation through its oasis of palm trees lined along the sun-loungers to anticipate the ever-beautiful Mediterranean sunset. This place is ideal for professionals looking for a place to hold business meetings, while treating the whole company with both relaxation and comfort. Also, good for couples, families, and groups of friends.


Where To Eat in Houmt Souk


Ristorante Haroun

If you’re looking for a high-quality food with variety of delectable choices, and nice night out, then this restaurant is a must-visit for you. This is even dubbed as the best restaurant in the whole Djerba Island. They don’t just serve good food; they also take pride on their attentive staff. They have English version of menu. Try their best-seller called the “harissa,” it’s a chili-based sauce Tunisian staple. They serve fresh sea food and newly caught fish. They also serve wine and other alcoholic beverages. Be ready to splash out some cash for your bill though, as the good old saying say – you get what you pay for.


Le Moulin

Run by a Tunisian family, this restaurant serves quality traditional Djerban and Tunisian cuisine. They have very varied items in their menu, from couscous, fish, grilled meat, to authentic Djerban dishes. They also offer wide variety of dessert selections, from fresh fruits, pastries, to ice creams. This is just a small restaurant, but they take pride in their impeccable service. Location is very accessible from the heart of Houmt Souk.


Restaurant de L’ile

Arguably the best lunch place in Houmt Souk today, this restaurant is strategically located near the main shopping area of Houmt Souk. This place is also known for their good food, decent price, and friendly staff. If you want to see the city lights nearby while having your dinner, then ask for a table in their second floor. This is a very good restaurant for relaxing, because of its cozy atmosphere.


If you’re looking for fine dining with variety of cuisines and impeccable service, then you can try restaurants in 5-Star hotels such as Radisson Blu Resort & Thalasso Djerba, Park Inn Ulysse Resort & Thalasso Djerba, and Yadis Djerba Thalasso & Spa. These hotels offer variety of cuisines that will surely feed your appetite. But then again, be ready for your bill.