How to Set Parental Control Software in the Internet

Not all contents in the internet are appropriate especially for children such as porn and other illegal information. Sometimes parents are away to go to work or other activities that they leave their children unprotected from these negative content. Therefore, every parent must know How to Set Parental Control Software in the Internet.

Knowing How to Set Parental Control Software in the Internet is very important because this is the tool that will prevent you kids from accidentally visiting inappropriate websites. Blocking the access to undesirable websites will protect them

You need to install the software in Firefox because it’s not a built in tool. Know How to Set Parental Control Software in the Internet by following this instruction process.

1. Launch the web browser, Firefox. Then download the software because it’s not readily built in within the browser.
2. Type “parental controls” in the search box after you’ve navigated to the browser’s add-on website at
3. Install the add-on which is the software that will meet the requirements depending on the filter.
4. You can set on which sites you want to block access by going to “Main Filter” and check the box for “Enable Explicit Material Filter.”

So, these are the steps on How to Set Parental Control Software in the Internet which every parent must know. The safety of your child will never be compromised as long as you have the Parental Control Software properly installed in your browser.

Spy Screen for Monitoring Your Kid’s Internet Activities

You may wonder what activities your kids do with the computer, especially when you’re physically away and they spend long hours sticking their heads on the computer. Kids are naturally curious, and when you walk close to check out the monitor, they can easily minimize or close the window and pretend to work on their assignment. If you suspect your kids are doing things they shouldn’t do on the computer, or you just want to protect them from various forms of evil lurking online, then Spy Screen is here to help you.

Spy Screen is utility software that can take snapshots of the computer’s screen and save those images on folders of your choice.

Now before you scratch because of extra expenses for your computer, Spy Screen is actually a free utility you can download and use. This software can monitor every activity done by the user on the computer the minute it’s installed and launched.

Upon launching, you can set the time interval in second(s) to start the screen capture. Also, you need to configure your password to protect it from deactivated by anyone.

spy screenAlso, you don’t need to worry of your computer capturing too many photos, as you can set the maximum screenshot you can capture. Its default setting is 1000, but you can delete photos to free up some space in your computer. Hide the folder to minimize and it will continue taking screenshots of your computer screen.

Spy Screen version 3.0 is the latest available for download. It’s absolutely free and compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ and 7. Download this tool and help yourself monitor your kids’ computer activities even when you’re away.

Top 3 Internet Monitoring Software for Android

3G Watchdog – Free , 153.93

3g watchdog3G Watchdog is a popular application, which has been rightly named for mobile Internet usage and keeps you from inflated monthly bills. This app works by separating your total plan usage into a day, a week, or a month’s usage. It shows your complete internet usage on your mobile screen. You can set-up quota counters to set a specific limit in your internet usage. It also includes a homescreen widget that shows a graph of your complete usage for further convenience. Users of this mobile monitoring software can also upgrade 3G Watchdog to the paid version for optimum service.

My Data Manager – Free

This is another free app for Android users that provides total control over your usage and access to mobile data. The app can identify a usage alarm to inhibit you from using more than the required amount of data. You can even view data on your app usage and historical tracking. You can therefore rely on this app for efficient use of your plan.

Traffic Monitor – Free

If you want to keep track of your mobile data traffic, this is the best app for you to use. There is a dedicated task manager and speedometer to maximize the functionality of this particular mobile app. It can measure the download and upload history of your android phone’s data traffic. If you want to check the traffic summary for a particular day, you can check it. You can also check weekly and monthly data for optimum monitoring. Aside from general statistics, users can assess statistics for every application. This app is available completely free of cost.

Data That Supports The Need For Parental Control Software

There are plenty of parental control software programs to choose from these days. The fact that even little kids are now very skilled at using the PC and the internet, it is very important for parents to take measures to safeguard these young kids. The internet is filled with all kinds of information, even ones you do not want your kids to be exposed to. Installing internet monitoring tool is therefore a great preventive measure.


But, just how important are web filtering systems? The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children or NCMEC has published a report that provided shocking insight with the internet usage of younger kids. According to the report, 1 in 33 children were asked to meet via phone, mail, or chat with a total stranger and this meeting has resulted in either solicited or unsolicited sexual activity. About 25% (1 out of 4) children have also seen photos of people having sex, mostly through the internet. Meanwhile, an average of 1 out of 17 kids suffered cyber bullying or have received threats from others over the internet.


These are indeed alarming data that parents might be shocked to hear, but are part of the reality with the internet world. The installation of internet monitoring tools such as a porn blocker, is therefore a good preventive step to keep unwanted information and content from your child’s reach. Also, other features included in a standard parental control software, such as recording of keystrokes and chat activities, can also help to stave off threats.


Make sure that you choose a parental control software that offers both internet blocking and filtering capabilities. This will ensure that you can regulate what they see or do over the internet. This is a small investment in exchange for your child’s safety and your peace of mind.

9 Safe Practices for Children Online

Parents who openly address and their intentions to monitor their kid’s computers can easily make up for the potential dangers lurking in the internet today. However, the efficacy of internet monitoring software can only do so much, you must be willing to take extra measure to keep your computer and kids are safe online. Here are some things you can do to reduce the risks:

1. Talk to your kids about the potential dangers there is on the internet.


2. Sexual victimization is a crime with unimaginable effects, so don’t be afraid to educate your children about it and use some real examples.


3. As much as possible, surf with your kids and try to find out the usual websites they enjoy visiting.


4. Take the computer out your kid’s bedroom. Kids are naturally curious, and when in they are in their private space, they can be tempted to do things you forbid them.


5. Know your kid’s log-in details such as username and passwords, especially on their email and social media accounts to monitor the regular things they do. This is very important, especially if your kids usually use computers and internet outside your house, such as library and at school. Find out which controls and security features are used for those computers.


6. Teach your kids the responsible internet and computer use. There are so many things Internet can offer other than chat rooms.


7. If your kids met anyone online, especially in Facebook or other social media platforms, explain to your kids how dangerous it is to meet any stranger face-to-face without parental involvement. Again, you can use real examples to show them the dangers.


8. Ask your kids to take out specific personal information which strangers could identify, such as real name, telephone number, mobile number, home address and school address.


9. Lastly, tell your kids not to believe everything they see and read online.