Tracking User Activity With Parental Controls

Kids and teens can use computer and internet safely, that’s if we parents are diligent enough to put extra work to set-up safety features on our computers and save our kids from inappropriate things lurking all over the internet.

Though there’s no 100% guarantee that kids won’t be exposed to pornography or other inappropriate and harmful images there in online, we always have the tools to minimize the risks. Also, parents can check their browser history to see what sites their kids visit and how they use the time they spend on their computers. Here are some tips to better track user activity with you parental controls.

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Safeguard Your Kids Online With Quistodio

Let’s face it, in our busy daily schedule and stressful days at work, it is usually hard for us parents to stay aware of our kids’ activities on the Internet. While the Windows Live Family Safety track is always available for parents to monitor home computer activities, there are hundreds, if not thousands of online programs available in the market today that provide really good monitoring and protection to your kids online for a monthly description. However, many of these programs are quite daunting and complicated to install.

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