Protect Your Child from Mental Deterioration

The availability of numerous electronic gadgets has caused a lot of distractions to our youngsters study habits. In this era of modern technology where upgrade is constant and even before you completely appreciate the features of your mobile phone a new version is now available in the market. And no matter how you resist buying them you end up swiping your credit card. So what happens to your old mobile, you passed it on to your child. Now this kid have easier access to games and can even come online anywhere, anytime.

If you set up rules at home in computer or online usage, providing another gadget with advance features is not complementing your goals. You are in fact encouraging distractions.

Researched have shown that children who spend a lot time in video games, computer games, social media etc. have difficulty in focusing in class and much worse have neglected their school homework which results to poor grades.

It is therefore vital to take precautionary measures before your child starts failing in class.
1. Minimize or eliminating access to electronic devices during school days.
2. Avoid upgrading mobile phones and computers unless necessary.
3. Don’t encourage them with the latest devices by using these are rewards.
4. Plan other activities involving real people contact over online communication.
5. Keep them busy on weekends on sports and household chores that are done by the other family member.
6. Keep them from being alone for long period of time.

Scarring Your Kids About Evil Strangers Online Can Cause Anxiety

Every time you meet a stranger you always qualify this person as good or bad. You cannot be blamed for doing so because this is a natural behavior especially if you are dealing with strangers who you know nothing about. If you have a gut feel about someone, that he is bad or evil, the easiest reaction is avoidance. While if you sense some goodness in this person you are trapped in making a decision on whether you open yourself to this stranger or stay away. At this stage you are bound to become anxious because you do not know whether to go right or go left.

This is the position where you put your kids if you scare them about strangers. They will always feel anxious as they need to come up with decision on something that will need their judgement. For some regardless of their gut feel, complete avoidance is the answer. That is very true and very easy to do. However, there are many clever nasty people who know how to manipulate and take control. They will fall into the good category that will give them a fifty-fifty chance. Children are easiest prey as they are easily swayed or easily coerced to do things that they may not even like doing. Curiosity is sometimes the other reason where they allow themselves to be manipulated.

Helping your child to obey house rules in internet usage is the best thing to do. Keep your rules simple, detailed and clear that young children will be able to understand. Keep in mind that you are not only preventing them to be anxious you are also protecting them from possible internet abuses.

Small Talks With Your Kids Can Keep Them From Online Evilness

The lack of awareness on the existence of online scammers, cyber bullies, perverts and the like is a pressing danger to your children. Because of their innocence, our young generation are the usual victims of this evilness lurking everywhere. The only way to break the reality to young children of their presence is by gradually feeding them with the correct information.

Here are some ways on how you can incorporate your advises during your small talks with your kids.

  1.  Ask them about the games they play online and what are the interesting things happening in their social media account. Try to sense if they are hiding secrets from you or just making up stories. Always include in your discussion the realities that bad people do exist everywhere and the internet is not a safe playground. Tell them to be on guard at all times.
  2.  Teach your kids proper internet etiquette. This way they will know how to distinguish bad company and avoid them totally.
  3. Observe your child’s behavior after every internet usage. If you see sudden change of behavior something must have affected this mood swing while on the internet. Try to find out without making so much fuss. If he does not like to talk about it now, maybe later is a better time.
  4.  Without eavesdropping, pay close attention to your children’s discussions. If there are comments that you need to look further into, try speaking to each child individually and casually to avoid tension.

Setting-up Parental Controls On Your Kid’s iOS

It’s not always possible to watch our youngsters 24/7. And with the vast availability of technology and information almost anywhere, it’s inevitable that parents get worried about their children being exposed to unlikely things or getting their credit cards drained from online purchases.


But what can a parent do? It’s not like we can avoid buying our child an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch forever, right? Fortunately, Apple had already integrated a set of helpful parental controls to their range of innovations.

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How to Protect your Computer from Hackers

In this era where almost everything works with the help of machines and technology, there’s no denying that we have relied even our most valuable information in the hands of programs and systems. This includes our name, address, our bank and money information, and today even our personal pictures and daily routines! While many would probably argue that it’s just part of the latest trends, there are actually a lot of risks involved when entrusting substantial information over programs and systems.

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