How To Be Safe When Socializing Online

Socializing is not all bad. In fact young teens do a lot of online interactions by joining online games, chat rooms and social media sites. However, teens are also impulsive which can be dangerous. As parents, we should be aware that our children can become victims of crime even in the internet. Some of the dangers that our children are exposed can include malware, virus, cyber bullying and inappropriate videos and photos.

Without them knowing it, children could leave digital footprints everywhere and this could be used by cybercriminals for crimes and can even be viewed by other users. These footprints could even include personal details about your children. It is therefore important to remind kids to be vigilant and to keep personal information so they’ll have a safe online experience.

If you want your kids to be safe when they access the internet, follow these simple tips.

First, remind them to never give up personal details like the school where they study, their home address, their mobile and house number, their age and even their full name. This is one of the basic safety precautions that children should know when they go online.

Kids should also be reminded not to open emails that are unsolicited and those that are from complete strangers. Make them understand that these emails might contain viruses and malwares that can create problems.

Make sure to discuss these topics in a comfortable and light manner. By training your children to be vigilant netizens, they surely have a safe online experience.

Don’t Be a Victim of Cyber Bullying

Bullying not only exists in school, it also exists in the internet. The most common term used for this is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying refers to the use of modern technology such as the internet to humiliate and harass the intended victim. Some of the common forms of cyber bullying are creation of hate groups, humiliating and damaging photographs, direct threats and false rumors.

Based on studies, about 40% of children using the internet have experienced cyber bullying. There are also crimes committed online that are also associated with cyber bullying. The victims of cyber bullying often result to stress and depression and in some cases can even result to death by suicide.

Why is cyber bullying common to those who use the internet? This can be blamed partly to the users’ lack of knowledge. For example, normal users don’t know that by using the internet, everything they access can literally be accessed by anyone. Personal information that they post in the internet can actually be used by anyone including cyber criminals. This is true if the user’s profile is not set to private.

Posting of pictures and video can be used for cyber bullying too so everyone should be wary in posting these files. Even if a simple would look harmless, this can be used and manipulated by cyber bullies to make it humiliating to the owner of the pictures. It always pays to be vigilant in sharing personal information and in posting videos and photos so you won’t be a victim of cyber bullying.

How To Block Adult Websites For Free

Anyone who has internet connection can access adult sites anytime and this includes children using computers in their own home. The content of adult websites are obviously not good for children. Children are curious by nature and this is what makes it dangerous. They might actually try to access these sites without you knowing it and when you are not around. So that children won’t be able to access these websites, you must apply precautionary measures aside from reminding them not to visit these websites.

First, you can install softwares that block these adult websites and can keep your children away from these sites. However these softwares are not for free and you usually need to shell out extra cash. Aside from that, you have to buy these from manufacturers and install it on your own. This is a good choice of course but there are other options that you can choose where you don’t need to need to spend dollars. You can still block adult sites by tweaking your browser. This is relatively easy and free. Here’s how:

When using Internet Explorer, look for “Tools” then “Internet Options” then “Content” tab. Look for the “Content Advisor” section. Then press the tab “Enable…” When you get there you can already set the preferred setting. Click on the “Ratings” tab and choose the rating levels for sex, nudity, language and violence.

If you are using a different browser, you can search in Google and learn about its security features. Once you are familiar with the security, you will have no problem blocking adult websites using these browsers.

How to Protect Yourself Online

Protecting oneself is an essential skill to those who spend a lot of time in the internet, be it for research, for games or for other purposes. There are many ways to protect yourself but sometimes the suggestions could become complicated. Here are easy steps that you can do so you can access the internet without worrying about falling victim to cybercrimes.

Be careful in downloading files – some programs may look legitimate and attractive because it is free but you should be careful in downloading these files. Most of the viruses and malwares that are downloaded actually come from free software. Before downloading anywhere, make sure that the files are virus-free and malware-free.

Never give out sensitive information – it may look harmless to post your address and your personal details in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter but cybercriminals can actually use this information for criminal experiences. Identity theft is the common crime which involves stolen personal information. Never post personal information in public websites especially your social security number and your credit card number.

Be careful in accessing websites – adult websites may also look harmless but actually these websites are filled with malware and viruses. By clicking on links, you might accidentally download malware and viruses to your computer. The worse thing that could happen to you when you access these websites is that you might be able to download phishing software that steal sensitive information like social security number and credit card number. Be vigilant in accessing these websites.

How to Keep The Children Safe Online

Because of the accessibility of computers and the internet, there are many kids who are more adept and familiar in using them compared to adults. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the kids have more life-experience and wisdom in dealing with situations especially when they are accessing the internet. They may be adept but they still need supervision and guidance. Without proper supervision and guidance, they might put themselves in danger being exposed to countless risks when they access the internet.

Your kids actually have a high probability of falling victim to cybercrimes when they access the internet. Some of the risks that they are exposed to, include spam, scam emails, fraud and identity theft. They are also putting themselves in harm’s way when they decide to meet strangers that they meet social networking websites. These people can abuse, exploit and bully them. Kids are capable of accessing any information in the internet, including inappropriate content. They might install malicious software and can unknowingly download worms, malwares and viruses.

There are many precautions that adults can use to keep the children safe when they are accessing the internet. This can be used by guardians, parent and even teachers. Installing special software that watches over the websites accessed by children is a good example. Simple rules can also be placed so children will have limited time spent on the internet. When safety precautions are applied, children are kept safe, parents will not worry and risks will be minimized.