Softwares for Control Over Internet Use

There are available programs that function to either track, constrain, or limit access to websites or limit internet usage as a whole. These are called control soft wares. During times of browsing of internet websites or other internet contents, parents or adults in general know that there is almost no censorship applied. Therefore it is their role to prevent unwanted and inappropriate websites from being easily accessed especially by their children.

For this control soft ware, there are two basic types. These are the programs that filter internet usage and those that monitor computer usage.

Filter soft wares serve as the first line of defense in preventing children from accessing inappropriate websites. Their function involves website blocking, closing of unwanted chat rooms, e-mails and pop-ups. The restrictions will be based on your decision and settings. The program will serve as the censor and will limit and control access to the websites.

For younger children who may unwittingly open inappropriate or unwanted websites, programs that filter internet usage will be the best course of action to protect them.

On the other hand, monitoring soft wares are programs designed to track computer activity. These can be run in stealth mode to avoid detection by children. The parents are immediately made aware of the websites their children are browsing, what content they are viewing or their internet activity in general. If any unsuitable activity is detected, proper methods or steps may then be implemented whenever needed.

Older children could be able to disable filtering soft wares. In this case, monitoring softwares should also be installed.

Things on the Web That Prey on Your Children

Recently, more and more handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets have become so common for everyday use. Together with the already ubiquitous PC, our access to information from the Internet or World Wide Web has never been so easy. One of the drawbacks is that even our children have ready access, and if we are not careful they can just as well easily fall prey or victim to the unpleasant and unwholesome things that are also unfortunately featured and done online.

The most obvious materials to watch out for are pornography, violence, hate, crime, drug and alcohol abuse. Through the internet, children get easily exposed to these offensive materials. Although in the beginning it may just be due to curiosity or unintentional clicking on pop-ups and ads, if this is not stopped the children can get hooked or addicted. Truly unsound, these materials are not appropriate even for mature individuals and adults alike.

Another thing to consider is internet piracy. Because children can readily access these gadgets, they get to learn about the features quite quickly. For children who become internet savvy, basic know-how of downloading pirated material like movies, music and computer programs can easily be learned. And there are a lot of websites that promote this activity.

Still, the worst thing that you should be wary about is the personal safety of the child. Online predation from pedophiles, etc. has become increasingly alarming due to the rise in popularity of social media. Teenagers nowadays consider sites like Twitter and Facebook as integral parts of their lives. And there are reports of children and teenagers who receive unwanted sexual solicitations through these websites. Children are now at greater risk because these predators can access personal information through these social media. And without the supervision or guidance of a parent or adult, children may not be able to discern which personal information should not be readily shared on the web.

It is thus our role as adults and parents to provide the necessary protection so our children remain safe while enjoying the internet.

Protect Your Self At All Times

The internet is a powerful tool but it could also be dangerous when the one using it is not careful. The internet is used by many people to search for information that they need for their tasks. Students for example do research in the internet. There are also many people use the internet to download videos and movies that they can watch on their computers. Others use the internet to connect to their friends and loved ones through social networking websites. There are also those who do purchases and online. Instead of going to the actual store, they just purchase what they want in online stores. Whatever the reason people have in using the internet, they have to be careful because they might become victims to cybercrimes.

Students who are researching could accidentally download malwares and viruses while looking for resources. This is also true for those who are downloading music, videos and movies. Some websites are embedded with malwares and viruses and if those who access are not careful they’ll be under attack too. Those who are using social networking websites are in danger too especially if they are fond of meeting strangers. Personal information they posted in these sites could be used by criminals. Meeting strangers is dangerous because they might become victims to theft or even rape.

Online purchases are not safe too. There are those who steal credit card information and could use without the owner’s knowledge. What’s worse is that they can use this for criminal activities. No one is safe in the internet. Anyone can become victims so it pays to be careful always every time you access the internet.

Firewalls and Antivirus Programs Are Very Important

Those who are not into the technical side of computers often underestimate the use of firewalls and antivirus programs. There are those who say that antivirus programs are expensive and will just be additional costs. There are those that who don’t turn on their firewall because they just rely the protection on their expensive antivirus program. For those that are not familiar with these tools, they should know that they have different functions but work together to keep your computer safe. One without the other would result to complete system disaster.

First, let’s look at the firewall. Just like the physical firewall, this tool protects the computer from unauthorized access. Pop-up programs and unsolicited malwares usually run when the trigger is pressed or double-clicked. If you have firewall with you, these programs can’t run immediately. Outsiders who will try to get into your system cannot access your system if the firewall is turned on. This is how important the firewall is.

The antivirus program is another important program too. Viruses are rampant and can be troublesome if they begin attacking important files. Just like malwares, viruses can attack once the trigger is turned on. Viruses could destroy files, whether it’s personal or system files. When you have an antivirus program, these will immediately quarantine if not delete viruses as soon as they will be detected. Indeed it is best to install and take advantage of these tools. Without these two important tools, you will have many problems that will be created later on.

We Are To Blame Why Cybercrimes Are Prevalent

With the popularity of the internet, there have also been an increasing number of crimes related to computers. Although we condemn cybercriminals for their acts, the people accessing the internet can be partly blamed for the continuing rise of cybercrimes. This is because a lot of people are not careful and are not well-informed in the dangers of accessing the internet. To stop cybercrimes, everyone has to their part.

You must be careful in giving out sensitive information. When you are asked for credit card information, make sure that the site asking the information is secure and safe. Don’t go for transactions just because they are cheap. Always go for transactions that are affordable and not questionable at the same time. Even in social networking websites, you have to be careful in post your name, address and birth date because this information could be stolen by culprits.

Parents are also responsible in protecting their children. If they want, they can give their kids a short lecture in how to be safe online. They can also set a limit in the number of hours that they spend on the internet. Tell them to be careful in downloading files from the internet especially applications and games that could contain malwares and viruses. Kids should also be reminded not to meet strangers without Remember that everyone should be vigilant and responsible in accessing the internet if they want to decrease the number of cybercrimes being committed.