Ways to Keep Your Child Safe in the Internet

Your kids are exposed to so many dangers when they are using the internet. You have to protect them from the dangers by giving them a set of rules that they need to follow. The rules are there not only to protect your kids but to also teach them to follow rules and to discipline them as well. Here are tips on how to protect your kids when they access the internet.

Not people my notice it but the location of the computer is already a key safety feature to our kids. When you place the computer in a hidden location or in their own room, chances are their curiosity will get the best of them and they try to access sites that are banned including online gaming and porn sites. When you place the computer in the middle of the house, you can easily check out the sites that your kids are accessing. Your kids will also have second thoughts in accessing banned sites with people walking around.

You have to establish a strong emotional connection with your kids. Keep your communication line open to them. They should immediately go to you when they see a disturbing image in the computer. They will also express what they feel to you every time they feel sad, they will feel happy, or if they have feel embarrassed. When they have no one to talk to, chances are they will immediately post what they feel in social media websites. When this becomes a habit, they are prone to bullying and identity thieves.

Protect Your Kids from Privacy Invasion

There are many cases of identity theft over the last decade. The identity thieves were not expert criminals. In fact some of the arrests made revealed that the identity thieves were crooks and didn’t even have previous criminal records. This is because many people unknowingly reveal too much information about themselves and with the right motivation identity thieves can easily do their craft.

Victims range from the early twenties up to late fifties. The main reason why these are targets is because these are the ages where people can obtain credit cards and they usually have many transactions in their work and businesses and provides a perfect cover for criminals to do their craft without being detected at once. However there were also cases where the victims were below twenty and this only shows that our kids are also vulnerable to identity theft. So that they won’t become victims, here are some tips that the kids can easily follow.

They should never give out important information about themselves in social media and even to their friends as school. Some of the important information includes name, age, their address, their school address, their preferences and their current location. They can post pictures but they have to make sure that the location is not revealed. They should also not entertain people soliciting help and donations. While it is good to help, some criminals take advantage of this to lure people into revealing their identities. They should not read emails coming from someone they don’t know.

Protect Your Child Always

Just like the real world, the internet has its good and bad side. You can have access to a lot of information but if you click on a moving picture of a rabbit, you are suddenly directed to a website featuring almost-naked women. Wrong information, hate groups, cyber-criminals and porn are only some of the issues associated with the internet. If anyone can come across these issues, your kids are also not safe from these issues. You must do concrete steps to ensure that they are protected when using the internet.

First, you must step into their world particularly their cyber-world. You must the place yourself on their shoes. You must determine the places where they usually visit and the things that they do on the internet. By doing so, you can determine concrete steps to take. For example, if you find that your kids spend too much time on social media, you can raise a red flag there and limit your kids on the use of the internet. Game sites also should be minimized because these have lots of viruses and racy redirect links.

Remind your kids never to meet someone that they have met online. They should never respond even to disturbing images and hurtful situations especially those that ask for help through social media. There are many times that they will receive unsolicited emails and they should be careful in opening it especially if it comes from someone that they don’t know or haven’t met yet.

The Dark Side of the Internet

There is a good and bad side to the internet. The good side is that it gives you access to information that you need. It allows you to download your favorite music, your favorite movie and answers to your everyday questions. However, the internet also has a bad side. Here are some examples of the dark side of the internet.

Malwares and illegal downloads

You can download games, music and videos for free in the internet. Even if it is free, it is still illegal. Your kids might be tempted to download these files but they could put themselves in trouble if they are caught. They will not only create a problem for themselves but also for their parents. As a parent, you have to remind them to download only licensed software and only from legitimate websites.


It is very easy to communicate when you are using the internet. When you are happy, you just post a status that you are happy and people will like it. However, this ease in communication can be abused and be used as a tool to bully your kids. For example, a racy picture can be easily be uploads when it falls onto a bully’s hands. You must advice your kids to be wary about posting pictures. It should not be to hurt other people or put them in an awkward position.

The most important thing that you need to remind your kids is that they should be responsible in using the internet. They can take advantage of the benefits of the internet but be wary about its dark side.

Keep the Kids Safe When Online

The internet is a good resource because you can find many useful information. In fact, the internet has replaced the encyclopedia as a source of information especially to your children. However, the internet is also lurking with danger and criminals ready to pounce on your kids when they become complacent. As a parent you have to very vigilant especially if you know that your kids are accessing the internet. Here are some tips on how to keep the kids safe when they are online.

First you need to choose the websites that your kids should access. You can tell them that there are some sites that are to be accessed especially by children. It is one thing to say that these websites are not for visiting but just to be sure, you can ban these websites right there and then. They might get curious and will visit the site when you are not around so to be sure, just ban those sites.

Social network is a good place to meet old friends and keep in touch with them. For your kids, it is a place where they can correspond with their classmates and their friends at school and is helpful when they have a hard time answering their assignment. However, the social network raises an issue about privacy. Remind the kids not to post racy photos and unnecessary information in their social network accounts. They might attract sex offenders especially because posted photos can reveal information about where they live and the places they visit often.