Google Can Keep Your Kids Secure

For those that are not familiar, there are actually tons of security features that Google has made available to all its users. Parents can take advantage of these security features so they can keep the kids safe and protected every time they access the internet. If you are still not familiar with these security features, here are some of the easy ones.

The first security feature is the 2-step verification before you can access your Google accounts. Instead of requiring you to enter your username and password, you will be required to enter a verification code. However, you need to activate this feature before you can take advantage of this security. When you activate this feature, you will be required to enter a cellphone number. When you log-in, Google will send the security code to your mobile phone and you need to enter this to access your account.

For those kids that are using Google+, the circle is another security feature. You simply group your friends into circles and each circle represents one interest group. You will only be heard and all your posts will only seen by people inside your circle. For children, they will interact with their friends in the circle. This will protect them from online predators that are lurking in the internet.

There are still tones of security features that can help secure you and your kids every time you access the internet. Don’t forget to take advantage of these features so you can protect them.

The Effects of Malware in Your Computer

There are websites that ask you to download a program to make your computer perform faster. This can become dangerous if the person using the computer has no idea of what these programs can do. Downloading these programs can also download viruses and malwares. Most of the time, the programs are of no use at all. They just entice users to download it along with the dangerous malwares.

When a malware is downloaded, other people who have evil content can “see” what you are doing. By seeing, they are able to see the sites that you have accessing, the files that you have modifying and everything that you are doing in your computer. When they are able to see what you are doing, they can have access to sensitive information that is supposedly private.

Malwares usually are made to get sensitive information. When they are able to see your computer, they’ll be able to determine the username and password. If you use your credit card online, they can use your credit card information from your transaction history. If you are fond of using social media, they can even steal your account and your identity.

It is important to remind everyone in the house to be wary about downloading programs because they might accidentally download malwares as well. Only download from legit sources and especially if you know that the program you are using is legitimate. Most antivirus programs today have built in malware detection to detect malware and to get rid of it as soon as it is detected.

Computer Viruses and their Destructive Capabilities

Computers nowadays are incomplete if they are not installed with antivirus programs. This is because computer viruses are real threats and when underestimated can cause havoc in your computer. There are many people who appreciate only the importance of antivirus software when they get to experience the harmful effects of computer viruses. Here are some common effects of computer viruses.

First, they can turn files into executable files or any files that they want. Back when the Trojan virus was still new, a lot of people who use floppy disks become victims of the side effects.  When a person inserts a floppy disk, all the files inside will be changed to .exe files. To those who are not into the technical details, the virus actually hides the actual files, and makes a phony .exe file which as the same filename as your original files. Clicking on this .exe files can cause more problems.

There are also computer viruses that cause your computer to hang or to lag. This is because they execute many programs that are not of use. Those who are using the computers and are not very technical will be alarmed when they see that their computers need to be restarted. If you are in a hurry to finish a task, this can become a burden. It is therefore important to have an updated antivirus software so that you won’t become a victim of common viruses.

If you don’t want have antivirus software, it’s about time to install one.

How to Use Common Sense to Keep the Kids Safe

The internet does not only have a good side but it also has its bad side. Some of the examples of the bad side of the internet include cyber bullying, porn sites, malwares and viruses and identity theft. As parents, you have to be vigilant in protecting your kids against these threats.

Most of the time, common sense plays a big role in keeping the kids safe. For example, it is not a good idea to put the computers in the kids’ rooms. You can instead place the computer in the middle of the family lounge where everyone can see the computer screen. By having this setup, the kids won’t be tempted to visit inappropriate websites.

You could also talk to the kids and tell them about the dangers of the internet. You can tell them the list of websites that they are allowed to visit explaining to them that these sites are according to their ages. You can also tell them what will possibly happen to them when they visit inappropriate websites. By explaining these things to them, they are treated like adults and leave it to them to decide on the right course of action.

You should also warn them about receiving disturbing and awkward emails. There are criminals who use other people’s nature to help when they post fake advertisements that ask help, only to extort money from unknowing victims. Remind them not to entertain emails that come from someone that they don’t know whatever the content of the email is.