Ways to Protect Your Connection

One of the common reasons why there are attacks is because of unsecure connections. When you have unsecure connections, hackers can easily get through your system. Of course, once they get in your system, you are familiar with what will happen. Identity theft, loss of personal information, access to your personal files and many other crimes are the consequences of unsecure lines. You need worry however. You can protect your connection in simple ways.

Make sure you install and turn on the security features of your computer. Some of the security features of your computer include antivirus programs, anti-spyware and of course your firewall. When you turn these security features you won’t be prone to virus attacks. You will also be protected from spyware and phishing programs that will try to steal sensitive information from your computer. Firewalls protect your computer from illegal intrusions and unauthorized entries.

There will be times when you will be required to access a public network. When you do this, you have to turn off public sharing feature and your network sharing feature. This is because public networks are usually unsecure and there are a lot of people who access these networks. There might be hackers accessing these networks and when they come across an unsecure computer, they might attack it.

Try to check for secure connection especially when you do bank transactions. You need to check for security certificate when you do online transactions. Make sure that your URL is secure. One sure sign is https instead of http. When you do these steps, you will surely keep your connections secure.

Protect Your Identity When Using the Internet

There are many threats that you can find in the internet. In social media websites alone, you can become a victim to cyberbullying or to online scamming. Your kids are not safe either. They can become victims to online predators. You must therefore find ways to protect your kids when they are using the internet. Here are some ways to protect you and your kids every time they go online.

You need to protect you and your kids’ identity. There are different ways to do it. First, don’t use lazy passwords. Never use a password that has 1234. It is like giving the key to your front door when you use this password. Also remind your kids not to use the same password to different accounts. This may be a convenient choice but you and your kids are exposed to attacks. Use passwords that are complicated and not easy to guess.

Before installing anything, you need to read the user-license agreement in anything that you install. You need to know the files that will be copied to your computer and the location of the files. You should also be careful in checking updates and subscription during installations. Every time you install a program, you will be asked to check the checkbox about automatic subscription and downloads.

Once you follow these safety suggestions, you’ll be safe from attacks. Remember  that when you protect your identity, criminals will have nothing to work on and they will have nowhere to start especially when they plan of attacking you online.


Dangers That Kids Encounter in the Internet

Your kids use the internet for different reasons. There are kids who access the internet because they want to play their favorite games. There are kids who use the internet to download their favorite movies, their favorite music and their favorite TV series. They can use the internet to correspond with their friends. However, the internet must be used with caution because there are dangers that your kids are exposed to when using the internet.

For one, they could become preys to online predators. Internet users are not only for those who want to connect to their friends. There are also those that access the internet to lure potential victims. Online predators can scam victims in online trading. Worse, there are sex offenders lurking in the internet that might come across your kids as they are using the internet.

Kids, young and naive as they are, might reveal too much information about themselves. When this happens, they might accidentally leave a trail that criminals can easily trace. They might reveal the location of their school and even the address of their home. You kids can be stalked and worst can be kidnapped. Parents should remind the kids never to reveal personal information on the internet especially their addresses and the places they are visiting.

As parents, you should not overlook these dangers that were discussed. These dangers are real and your kids could become victims. Parents should be vigilant in monitoring their kids especially while accessing their computers. It never hurt to prevent attacks rather that address it only when danger is already there.

Risks in Using the Internet

It can’t be denied that the internet is a very powerful tool. You can use the internet to search for information that you can use in your work. You can use the internet to connect to your friends. The internet is even useful to your kids. However, you must also be aware of the threats that your kids are exposed to when they use the internet. Here are some of the risks in using the internet.

Your kids can become victims to cyberbullying. Bullying not only exists in school or in the playground. It can also be present in the virtual world. Your kids might be in put in an awkward position through a post or through a picture. As a general precaution, remind your kids to post pictures responsibly. If they can’t really help in posting picture, remind them to post the pictures in private albums.

Your kids might also become exposed to inappropriate materials. They might get access to sites that are for adults only. To prevent this, monitor the browsing history of your kids. If you want, you can also install filtering software that will block websites that are not good for children.

Remember that these are legitimate threats. You should keep these in mind every time you allow your kids to use the internet. It does not mean necessarily mean that once your kids use the internet they will immediately become victims to these threats. By considering these threats, you need to find ways to protect your kids when using the internet.