All About Internet Safety Games that Will Help Kids Become Safe Online

Kids often learn new things when they enjoy what they see and do. This would mean that they can easily learn Internet safety if it is done through some safety games available online. Here are some of the Internet safety games that kids would really enjoy and learn.

Webonauts Internet Academy

This cool online game teaches children about the rules of web safety. They take the role of webonauts to complete a wide array of missions in order to graduate. The missions include the themes of observation, respect and contribution. The game helps kids realize the importance of doing the right things online like keeping passwords and build web profiles.

Safety Land

In this game, the kids battle a villain who keeps on spamming people. Their goal is to get rid of this evil menace that plagued the town. Kids play as Captain Broadband and he asks questions to some people in game. In addition, there are some few quiz questions that they need to answer correctly in order to garner points. The questions involve keeping safe online. Once the kids get enough points, they will be able to banish the bad guy forever and become a certified hero.

Internet Safety Hangman

Just like the classic hangman, kids need to fill up words that involve online safety. The hints of the words that they are trying to solve include the necessary things as well as cyber rules to remember while visiting the Internet.

Iggey and Rasper’s Internet Safety Game

This game can be used to help teach kids about the proper online etiquette. It showcases questions about getting involved online and kids are required to select the appropriate responses. In this way, kids will learn to properly respond when an instance would happen just like what the game presented.

These are some of the Internet safety games that will help kids become safe online.

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