All About Tips in Protecting Your Privacy as You Do Search Queries

Everyone visits any search engine in the Internet. This includes Yahoo, MSN, Google and the likes in which people consult in searching for items that they need. Unknowingly, people often leave traces of their information as they use a search engine through the sites’ search logs. A person’s identity can be readily discovered with the use of an ID number left by search queries within the sites’ search logs. Here are some of the tips in protecting your search queries.

Do not use personal identifying information in search terms
This means that it is important not to search any of your personal details in the search engine site that would include your name, address, and contact or bank details. These searches will create the necessary road map towards your privacy and it can even expose you to identity theft.

Do not use your ISP’s search engine
Your ISP is your address in the Internet and that would mean that the search engines will be able to link all your individual search queries to a single search history and eventually at your doorstep once you use your ISP’s search engine. This will also put you at risk for personal identity theft.

Do not login to your search engine when you make search queries
It is highly recommended that you do search queries while not logging into the search engines. There are search engines in which they have e-mail features just like Google. If you log in while doing search queries, those search queries will be linked to your account and that would leave remnants for con-artists in the Internet to follow until they can reach home run.

Block cookies from your search engine
Cookies are chunks of information that web sites put into your computer when you visit them. These information enable them to link all your visits and activities with the visited sites. This would mean that cookies allow web sites to track you even though you use another Internet connection or where ever you may be logging into the net. For this reason, it is essential to block all cookies to avoid privacy infringement. Putting into consideration that cookies allow users to visit web sites, its better to just allow short-lived cookies wherein they only last as long as your browser is open. This will limit the cookies activities with your personal computer.

These are some tips that can help safeguard your privacy as you do search queries in search engine sites.

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