Enough is Enough Helps Parents Protect Their Kids from Predators

Enough is Enough (EIE) is one of the oldest internet safety websites. It’s been around since 1994 to help make the internet safer for children and their parents. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the website is beautifully simple: www.enough.org.

The organization was founded by Dee Jepsen, wife of Roger Jepsen a former Senator from Iowa. She now serves as the organization’s President Emeritus.

EIE takes a three-pronged approach to their mission of helping:

  • Raise public awareness of the threat of illegal pornography and sexual predation on the Internet in order to empower and equip parents and other child caregivers to implement safety measures.
  • Encourage the technology industry to implement viable technological solutions and family-friendly corporate policy to reduce this threat.
  • Promote legal solutions by calling for aggressive enforcement of existing laws and enactment of new laws to stop the sexual exploitation and victimization of children using the Internet.

While they wish to preserve the right to Freedom of Speech, they also want to create a safe place where children can preserve their innocence a little longer. With the pervasiveness of on-line pornography and sexual predators, the internet is unsafe territory for young eyes. EIE is trying to keep this world a little safer.

They offer a special program called the Internet Safety 101SM Program (www.internetsafety101.org).  “This state-of-the-art, multi-media program is designed to educate, equip, and empower parents, educators and other caring adults with the knowledge and resources they need to protect children online,” according to their website.  The program includes access to the Internet Safety 101SM Web site, a 4-part DVD series, workbook and additional resources.

As EIE President Donna Rice Hughes says, many parents go through the program and say, “I had no idea.” It is amazing how we think we are keeping our children safe but there are so many ways for them to be threatened or harmed. EIE travels the country giving presentations to PTA groups, schools and other organizations on the threats and solutions for parents and children while on the internet.

EIE has also launched a faith-based initiative to help those who are trying to recover from pornography addiction, sexual addiction and victimization. In addition, the site offers many resources and tips. Please check them out at www.enough.org.

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