Google Can Keep Your Kids Secure

For those that are not familiar, there are actually tons of security features that Google has made available to all its users. Parents can take advantage of these security features so they can keep the kids safe and protected every time they access the internet. If you are still not familiar with these security features, here are some of the easy ones.

The first security feature is the 2-step verification before you can access your Google accounts. Instead of requiring you to enter your username and password, you will be required to enter a verification code. However, you need to activate this feature before you can take advantage of this security. When you activate this feature, you will be required to enter a cellphone number. When you log-in, Google will send the security code to your mobile phone and you need to enter this to access your account.

For those kids that are using Google+, the circle is another security feature. You simply group your friends into circles and each circle represents one interest group. You will only be heard and all your posts will only seen by people inside your circle. For children, they will interact with their friends in the circle. This will protect them from online predators that are lurking in the internet.

There are still tones of security features that can help secure you and your kids every time you access the internet. Don’t forget to take advantage of these features so you can protect them.

Importance of Installing Antivirus Programs

There are many people who don’t invest in antivirus programs. Many don’t realize the importance of these antivirus programs until they get attacked by a virus later on. For them, the default antivirus programs installed is already enough and they don’t even think of upgrading their antivirus programs. For those that don’t know the importance of antivirus programs, here are what they need to know.

Antivirus programs protect your important files. Some viruses attack personal data files and even system files. When you lose important files, this will create problems especially if those files are needed in your work. It is alright if you have backup files but if you don’t have, it is really a hassle. If your system files will be attacked, your operating system won’t start. You have no choice but to reinstall the OS which is again a waste of time.

Antivirus programs can prevent virus attacks. Good antivirus programs usually have run-time detection alongside manual detection. When you insert a flash disk that has a virus, the antivirus program will automatically detect it and quarantine it even before it can make real damage. This is true to worms and most viruses. You can only imagine the effect of viruses when you don’t have an antivirus program installed in your computer.

You will not appreciate these antivirus programs when you still haven’t experienced being attacked. The advantages of installing a good antivirus program greatly outweigh the cost that you need to pay. Don’t wait for the time that you will be attacked before you act.

What You Need To Know About Malwares

For those that are using computers, they must not only know how to use the computer but also the bad side of the computers. They can start with malwares. Malwares by definition are malicious computer programs that do more harm than good. You must always watch out for malwares because they come in many forms. Here are the different forms of malwares that not all people know.

Viruses are the most common malware that can be found in many computers. Because they are the most common, experts also say that they are also the most destructive form. Viruses can steal personal information, can email spam to their contacts, and can send information to cybercriminals and for attacking other networks where the computer is connected.

Next to the viruses in popularity are the spywares. They attack computers by stealing personal information. The personal information that they steal will be sent to third party individuals who will use the information without the consent of the owners. Spywares are also blamed for the installation of Trojan viruses which turn your files into executable files.

There are also malwares that appear as security software when in fact they are not. They tell users that their computer is too slow or has a very low level of security. They convince users to install them or run the program to scan the computer for threats. As the user runs the program, it will install viruses or consumes the computer memory making the computer slow and unresponsive.

Tips To Protect Your Email

You can hear a lot of complains coming from someone whose email account has been hacked. It’s okay to get hacked as long as there were no problems created. However, this is only seldom. People who hack emails plan this to harm the other party and they usually send worms and viruses to the contacts in a particular email. If you don’t want t to experience this, here are some tips to protect your personal account.

You usually use your emails to send applications when looking for work. You also use email when you send inquiry about a particular product or similar inquiries. However, you should be careful where you send your emails. Make sure that the address you are sending is valid and not a phishing email. For example, you might send your email to a hacker and will list your email as one of the emails to hack.

Change your password to more complicated ones. Your password should contain words and numbers at the same time. When you sign up for an email address, they usually specify specific number of characters for your password. Don’t use common passwords like 1234, qwerty and abcd as your password because hackers can easily guess this. Change your password regularly too so hackers won’t be able to guess it.

Lastly, don’t leave your emails open when accessing it in internet cafes. Before you leave make sure you sign out, and close the window properly. When you leave your email open, you are open prone to hacker attacks.

Effects of Viruses to Our Computers

If humans suffer from viruses, computers also have their own version of computer viruses. This is the reason why computers that are sold have preinstalled antivirus programs. Experts view computer viruses as real threats and you will lose thousands of important data if you underestimate these threats. For those that don’t know the effect of viruses to our computers, here are some concrete examples.

You might be surprised because your computer has hung up or is slowing down. Your computer can usually run any program but all of a sudden will hang up when you try to run one program. This may be caused by a computer virus. The computer virus will usually run an illegal program in the background and takes up the computer memory. This is the one that causes the computer to hang. This will create a problem especially if you have some urgent tasks to finish. You must remove viruses so you will not encounter lags.

There are also viruses that turn your files into a different file extension. For example, if you have a word file that was saved in a .doc format. When the virus attacks, all your .doc files will be changed to .exe files. These are one of the common effects of viruses and will become a burden to those who are not familiar with viruses. In reality, the virus hides the right files and creates a .exe file using the filename of your original files. You should know these effects so you’ll not underestimate computer viruses.