The Effects of Malware in Your Computer

There are websites that ask you to download a program to make your computer perform faster. This can become dangerous if the person using the computer has no idea of what these programs can do. Downloading these programs can also download viruses and malwares. Most of the time, the programs are of no use at all. They just entice users to download it along with the dangerous malwares.

When a malware is downloaded, other people who have evil content can “see” what you are doing. By seeing, they are able to see the sites that you have accessing, the files that you have modifying and everything that you are doing in your computer. When they are able to see what you are doing, they can have access to sensitive information that is supposedly private.

Malwares usually are made to get sensitive information. When they are able to see your computer, they’ll be able to determine the username and password. If you use your credit card online, they can use your credit card information from your transaction history. If you are fond of using social media, they can even steal your account and your identity.

It is important to remind everyone in the house to be wary about downloading programs because they might accidentally download malwares as well. Only download from legit sources and especially if you know that the program you are using is legitimate. Most antivirus programs today have built in malware detection to detect malware and to get rid of it as soon as it is detected.

Computer Viruses and their Destructive Capabilities

Computers nowadays are incomplete if they are not installed with antivirus programs. This is because computer viruses are real threats and when underestimated can cause havoc in your computer. There are many people who appreciate only the importance of antivirus software when they get to experience the harmful effects of computer viruses. Here are some common effects of computer viruses.

First, they can turn files into executable files or any files that they want. Back when the Trojan virus was still new, a lot of people who use floppy disks become victims of the side effects.  When a person inserts a floppy disk, all the files inside will be changed to .exe files. To those who are not into the technical details, the virus actually hides the actual files, and makes a phony .exe file which as the same filename as your original files. Clicking on this .exe files can cause more problems.

There are also computer viruses that cause your computer to hang or to lag. This is because they execute many programs that are not of use. Those who are using the computers and are not very technical will be alarmed when they see that their computers need to be restarted. If you are in a hurry to finish a task, this can become a burden. It is therefore important to have an updated antivirus software so that you won’t become a victim of common viruses.

If you don’t want have antivirus software, it’s about time to install one.

The Dark Side of the Internet

There is a good and bad side to the internet. The good side is that it gives you access to information that you need. It allows you to download your favorite music, your favorite movie and answers to your everyday questions. However, the internet also has a bad side. Here are some examples of the dark side of the internet.

Malwares and illegal downloads

You can download games, music and videos for free in the internet. Even if it is free, it is still illegal. Your kids might be tempted to download these files but they could put themselves in trouble if they are caught. They will not only create a problem for themselves but also for their parents. As a parent, you have to remind them to download only licensed software and only from legitimate websites.


It is very easy to communicate when you are using the internet. When you are happy, you just post a status that you are happy and people will like it. However, this ease in communication can be abused and be used as a tool to bully your kids. For example, a racy picture can be easily be uploads when it falls onto a bully’s hands. You must advice your kids to be wary about posting pictures. It should not be to hurt other people or put them in an awkward position.

The most important thing that you need to remind your kids is that they should be responsible in using the internet. They can take advantage of the benefits of the internet but be wary about its dark side.

Types of Computer Viruses

Over the years, the computer viruses have really changed. There are viruses that destroy files, delete system files and reside in memory. There is now a thin line between worms, malwares and viruses. As antivirus programs evolve to fight current computer viruses, new ones come to life. Nevertheless, these new ones belong to a particular type of computer virus. Here are the types of computer viruses.

The first type of virus is the macro virus. The micro virus spreads itself through logic developed through macro programming. The macro virus usually live, spread and infect through programs that use macro programming including MS Word, MS Excel and usually attack files with these extensions.

Memory resident viruses are not your ordinary virus. Instead of staying in ordinary memory location, they stay in the random access memory (RAM). They are also powered on by another virus that is on ordinary memory. They continue to run and wreck havoc even though the initiator virus has already been deleted.

Logic bombs or time bombs are also common today. These are viruses that are executed through a program at a particular date or a particular event of an application. There are viruses for example that delete your files on the eve of Halloween. Programmers can also initiate database deletion when they get fired or removed from the system.

There are still more types of virus out there and new ones are created everyday. As new ones arrive, new set of antivirus programs are also created in the hope of preventing the new ones to spread and destroy.

How Computer Viruses Spread

There are many people who just buy and install antivirus programs in their computer. There is nothing wrong with that especially if they can really afford but experts say prevention is better than antivirus programs. You should know how computer viruses spread so that you’ll know how to prevent it from spreading. Here are some ways computer viruses spread to our computers.

The most common way of spreading a computer virus is through infected flash drives. You use flash drives because it is small, mobile and has enough memory to contain some of the common files needed. However, you are also vulnerable to attacks when you use flash drives. Make sure that you have a separate flash drive for your own networks. Using the flash drive especially in public computers puts your own computer in risk of contacting computer viruses.

The internet is used by many people that are looking for videos, pictures and answers to their questions. This can also be a medium to spread computer viruses. There are individuals who attach computer viruses to emails and spread them. There are also those who entice people to click on links and when they click, they will automatically download the virus. Websites also are sources of viruses. When you try to download, they appear as though you are downloading the right file. You only find later on that you have not downloaded at all.

It is necessary therefore to be vigilant always and know the different ways of spreading computer viruses.