Safety Tips in Downloading Any Files from the Internet

Everyday, many people are downloading files from the Internet. These files vary from small bits like pictures to those that can take for hours. Downloading files has become a very convenient way to acquire files from the world wide web however, it is also the most common way for malicious software to infect personal computers. Here are some safety tips in downloading files from the Internet.

File size

You need to consider the file size that you are going to download. Always be meticulous on the file size you are about to download as well as the size stated in the web site. A discrepancy on the file size will definitely mean that something might be embedded in it. Immediately cancel your download to prevent any malicious software infecting your personal computer.

Activate the firewall

Before you download a file from the Internet, it is best to activate the firewall of your computer. In this way, the computer will have a first line of defense against any malicious software that may be hiding within the downloaded file from the site. In addition, firewall prevents personal information to be send to hackers online.

File extension

File extension give clues on how legitimate the files you are about to download are. Bear in mind that a malicious software often contains the “.exe” extension and contain a small file size. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid files that contain these features in order to lessen any incidences of infection from these files.


It is very important that the feedback provided by web sites should be read before downloading a certain file. Sometimes, the feedback can give vital information about the file you plan to download and it may be a warning for a computer virus contained in that file.

These are safety tips that you can apply as you download files on the Internet.

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