The 3 Traps New Internet Users Should Watch Out For

The Internet can be a very confusing place especially to those who are new in this technology. Its a very big and wide area to explore new things. Unfortunately not all web sites are safe to visit as well as the presence of would-be traps on line. It is important to avoid these traps at all costs whenever logged in the Internet. Here are the 3 traps you need to avoid online.

Commercial ads

There are many web sites that generate income through ads and there are only a few of these web sites that are trustworthy. Some of these ads are set up by scammers who want to victimize new Internet users. To prevent this from happening, you need to determine if the web site you are visiting is a reputable one. Only trust ads coming from reputable sites. Another is by trusting what you feel. Sometimes when we visit web sites we feel uncomfortable. That is a warning sign that you need to get out of the web site. Trust your gut feeling. Be on a look out for advertising disclaimers in any ad that you encounter. If the ad has no disclaimer then that ad is not trustworthy.

Phising information

Phising is the technique used by scammers online to trick people to give out their sensitive information. They do this by setting up web sites that are a complete copy of the authentic web sites people visit to. They can acquire private information when a particular person would type in their account and password in those scam sites. Another method is by sending e-mails that asks for personal information. Never heed these e-mails and try to ignore them. Furthermore, look for signs that the web site you are visiting is secure like padlocks at the lower portion of the page.

Malicious software

This is another method by scammers to acquire personal information from other people. They usually infect a certain file and send it via e-mail or put these software in a web site or disguised as a anti-virus software. Its better that you take caution in the programs you download and make sure they come from a reputable and trustworthy source. Avoid installing programs you never look for as well as pop-out windows.

These are the 3 traps that every new Internet users should avoid. Prevention is always better than solving problems.