Tips To Better Protect Your Internet Connection

The convenience of online banking, online shopping and other online interactions that involves money and payments comes with a big responsibility on users’ part to keep their identity and money safe online. One of the ways to ensure online safety is to keep your internet connection protected. Here are some tips to do it:

Use and Regularly Update Your Anti-Virus Software

An anti-virus, anti-spyware and/or firewall software program can help safeguard both your computer and internet connections. Computers usually come with standard firewall programs, but you can also use third-party paid services. However, make sure you don’t use two firewalls at once, as they can interfere and affect the performance and efficacy of one another.

Turn off File Sharing and Network Discovery When In Public

When using public internet connection, make sure to turn off your file sharing and network discovery to keep your files and system safe from risks for being opened by anyone in the wireless network with you, not just hackers.

For Windows computers, you can turn off the file sharing option by going to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

For Mac OS X users, go to System Preferences > Sharing.

If you’re within the range of a wireless network but don’t need to use your computer or go online, simply turn off your wireless capability. Some notebooks and laptops can turn off their internet through an on/off switch. Other devices needs manual configuration (Mac computer users for example, can simply click the WiFi icon and turn of AirPort).

How Can a Malware Affect You

There are websites that ask you to download a program to make your computer perform faster. This can become dangerous if the person using the computer has no idea of what these programs can do. Downloading these programs can also download viruses and malwares. Most of the time, the programs are of no use at all. They just entice users to download it along with the dangerous malwares.

When a malware is downloaded, other people who have evil content can “see” what you are doing. By seeing, they are able to see the sites that you have accessing, the files that you have modifying and everything that you are doing in your computer. When they are able to see what you are doing, they can have access to sensitive information that is supposedly private.

Malwares usually are made to get sensitive information. When they are able to see your computer, they’ll be able to determine the username and password. If you use your credit card online, they can use your credit card information from your transaction history. If you are fond of using social media, they can even steal your account and your identity.

It is important to remind everyone in the house to be wary about downloading programs because they might accidentally download malwares as well. Only download from legit sources and especially if you know that the program you are using is legitimate. Most antivirus programs today have built in malware detection to detect malware and to get rid of it as soon as it is detected.

Essential Features Your Parental Control Software Must Have

For households with kids, it is important to invest in parental control software to monitor what they are doing on the internet (especially without the parents’ consent). However, the sheer volume of internet monitoring tools available in the market can make it a confusing task for parents to find out that is suitable for their needs.

To help you identify the best web filtering tool out there, free from all of the unnecessary trappings, you need to be on the lookout for a few basic features. This will make your job easier when it comes to managing the monitoring solution and easy to configure even for the not-so-tech-savvy folks.

A chat filtering or monitoring feature is one of the must-have features in parental control software. Most teens or younger kids these days spend hours chatting friends and who-knows-who. Make sure that you monitor your kids’ chat activity to ensure that their safety is under control and to alert you with any suspicious activities they might have planned with the person on the other end of the chat room.

Also another important feature to look into is web blocking. This feature enables you to specific websites that you want to block on your PC, thus preventing your child access to the site and its content. Some of the most common sites that are blocked for this purpose are the ones that allow peer-to-peer file sharing or pornography sites. The reasons for blocking them are obvious. In addition to blocking the site itself, you can also block pop-ups on your site. Most of these pop-up advertisements contain adult material that might pique your child’s interest into visiting such websites.

Other internet monitoring tools on the web also enable parents to block their kids from sharing personal information via chat or other internet channels. These information can range from any of the following: credit card numbers, phone numbers, address, and so on.

It is also advantageous if the parental control software you have installed into your child’s PC comes with remote management solutions. This will enable you to maximize your internet monitoring capacity such that you can oversee your child’s activity on the web even when you are away from home.

SurfWatch Parental Control Software for Added Web Protection

Thanks, in large part, to the internet, it has been possible to communicate with loved ones halfway across the globe or access any information you need on the web. However, it is also this very same accessibility that has raised concern for parents when it comes to their child’s safety online. Are they speaking to a stranger pretending to be someone else they’re not? Could they be divulging personal or financial information without their knowledge? Are they watching porn videos behind your back? To relieve you from such worries, installing parental control software offers the best solution.

SurfWatch is an internet filtering software that serves as parental control for your kids such that their online activities are properly regulated. This spy software was created by a Los Angeles-based company also named SurfWatch Software, Inc.

This web monitoring software earned its recognition as a parental control tool when it was used as evidence in a Philadelphia federal court. The aim was to sign the Communications Decency Act into law, which was formally constitutionalized on February 8. The aim for this particular law was to prevent younger kids from stumbling into indecent or offensive content on the web, which is admittedly quite prevalent. At the same time, it is aimed to protect the ability to freely communicate on the web so that the original purpose of this medium is not defied.

SurfWatch provides the perfect balance for that as parental control software. It enables parents or guardians to block any websites that contain sexual or pornographic content. However, it does not restrict other users from using the internet as they would want to or access any content that they want. It only functions by blocking those websites categorized as inappropriate and does not remove any content from the server. Aside from websites, this internet filtering tool can also screen chats, newsgroups, and other such data.

SurfWatch continues to uphold its status as one of the leaders in the industry, as far as internet monitoring is concerned. Make sure to look more into this product if you are in search of ideal parental control software to use at home.

Guidelines in Avoiding Spyware

Spyware is a type of malicious software that can be acquired in the Internet. This software has the capability to monitor the user’s day to day activity in the Internet and that includes personal information like home addresses and bank accounts. There is no guarantee that every visited web site does not hold any spyware that can infect any computer. Due to this reason, it is essential to do means that can help avoid them at all cost. These are some guidelines that can serve that purpose.

Choose the web sites
There are plenty of web sites in the Internet that are readily visited by anyone. It is important therefore to choose the web sites and scrutinize them. It is recommended that you should visit web sites that you already trust and avoid those with suspicious features like pop-up boxes that require to be downloaded.

Download at trusted sites
It is just common sense to download software in sites that you fully trust. In this way, you are guaranteed that the software you download do not contain any malicious software. Take extra precaution in downloading free software and those that allow file-sharing applications. These items are prone for having malicious software since they do not require any fees and people download them more often.

Computer protection
It is very essential to make your computer spyware-proof. You can make your computer protected against these malicious software by setting the security settings of your computer at its maximum and installing some applications. Enable the fire wall setting of your computer and install a fully updated anti-virus. This will make the first line of defense against any spyware who might want to infect your computer as you visit the Internet. The second line of defense would be installing a fully updated anti-spyware application. This will scan the computer for any spyware who may have by-passed the first line of defense and eradicate them. It is highly recommended that you do regular scanning of your computer every day and every after use of the Internet.

These are some guides that can help you prevent any spyware as you explore the Internet.Safety should always be your priority to avoid any problems that may arise.