All About Facebook Safety Issues for Kids

No one can deny the fact that most kids visit Facebook everyday. They do this to keep in touch with their friends, to chat with them, to post pictures, to play games or just simply giving comments. Kids even visit the web site several times a day and that would mean that they are prone to the dangers lurking in social networking sites. Here are some Facebook safety issues and how to deal with them.



Posting pictures are the main reasons why kids visit Facebook. Bear in mind that pictures can be used by lurking con-artists online. There is always a danger in which these individuals might use these pictures to gain trust to kids and thus, creates a relationship that can have dire consequences. It is therefore important to inform kids not to readily post pictures in Facebook. Limit the pictures and choose those that are not too conspicuous. Furthermore, inform kids not to trust strangers even if they look innocent or harmless.


Disclosed information

Bear in mind that sexual predators who prowl the Internet also visit social networking sites to look for would-be victims. A smallest information like addresses and even schools can put anyone in danger for these kind of people. For this reason, it is highly recommended to tell kids not to post personal information online like address and schools. Let them be aware of the importance of being anonymous online.


Anyone can be anyone

When it comes to online social networking sites, any person can disguise as anyone and that means one should not trust anyone. Kids should be informed that not all people online are good and some are having a different agenda in their minds. Do not let kids communicate with strangers especially those that they only encounter recently online.


These are some Facebook safety issues for kids and how to deal with them effectively.