The Safest Web Browsers

Web browsers are the tools that we commonly use for everyday Internet activity. Several brands of this software are readily available for free. However, not all web browsers are equal when it comes to security features. To give you a heads up on the safest web browsers here are the information that you need about them.

Firefox, Mozilla’s brainchild and signature software, is dubbed by PCWorld as the safest web browser as of 2008. The study was based on how users of Firefox keep their web browser updated with the latest security features. This is due to Firefox’s self-contained updating system. The web browser itself detects updates everyday and automatically downloads the new information. This self-updating feature of Firefox makes it one of the best and safest web browsers available.

Google recently released Chrome on September 2, 2008. It is a free web browser developed using Chromium, hence its name. The web browser immediately became a hit as it was able to deal with the recurring issue on Firefox where the entire browser hangs when one tab hangs. But Chrome proved to be even better when hackers labeled it as the safest web browser available. This happened during the CanSecWest security conference when hackers where invited and encourage to hack all known web browsers. The hackers stirred clear of Chrome since the browser operates inside a “sandbox”, a techie term used by hackers to describe an application that does not interact with the operating system of a computer. This makes Chrome very problematic for hackers as they have to find vulnerabilities on the browser and the sandbox before he can do anything significant hacking activity.

Now that you know the safest web browsers then it is time to scrap your current web browser. Download any of these two web browsers so that you can enjoy Web surfing with the safest tool. But if you are already using any of them then you have all the reason to be glad and feel secure with your browser choice.

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