Tips for Safe Internet Browsing

The Internet is home to all information available. This means both good and bad information are there ready to be accessed. This makes the Internet a not so safe place to go about. There is pornography, violence, malicious data that can destroy your computer and, worst, online thieves. The best way to defend yourself when browsing is being proactive in dealing with these dark sides of the Internet. Here are tips for safe Internet browsing.

Activate you Firewall
Operating systems, especially Windows, have firewalls that provide substantial defense against online threats. Always have this activated. You can even configure its settings provided that you know what you are doing. If you are a less techie person then simple activation should suffice.

Install an Anti-Virus and Always Update It
With all the malicious software floating throughout the Web having an anti-virus could be extremely helpful. You can get one for free or you can buy them. Just remember that proprietary anti-virus software have more features than a free one. You also need to keep the virus database of your anti-virus up to date to make it effective.

Install an Anti-spyware
Online hacking became rampant thanks to the Internet. Hackers can now easily sniff out data in any online computer in the world. To fight them you will need an anti-spyware software. This software specializes in detecting malicious data and software that invades your computer. It can protect you from online theft that targets personal information like credit card numbers.

Delete Web Cookies from you Browser
When you browse your Internet browser keep cookies. These digital cookies are data of the websites you have visited. Malicious applications ride these cookies and are used by hackers a lot to invade online computers. So when you have ended your browsing activity go to your web browser’s clear history tool and delete all browsing data. This will delete all the cookies kept in your computer.

These are the tips for safe Internet browsing. Practice them always to ensure that you have significantly lessen your risk to the dangers lurking throughout the Web.

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